El Centro Explorativo

We believe in empowering students, in Marin and beyond, so that they can fight for better futures for their communities. With each hour of tutoring, we donate an amount specified by you to El Centro Explorativo, a community education center in rural Guatemala. This helps to pay for school materials, books, and healthy meals for students.

Activities at El Centro are designed to inspire a love for learning, and encourage youth and adults in the community to prioritize education. Classes at the Centro not only explore traditional subjects of math, reading, and writing, but also less commonly taught subjects including computer literacy, music, arts, and environmental studies.

Locally-led by dedicated leaders, El Centro's teachers and faculty are passionate about education, and bring a wealth of understanding of the broader challenges faced by families in their community.

Learn more about their programming or donate directly here.


Ciara, one of our tutors, spent the summer of 2018 at El Centro Explorativo collaborating with the teachers to found the school's art curriculum. Ciara saw the impact of El Centro's programming first-hand and has connected our organizations so that education in Marin can support education in Guatemala.

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At the end of the year, in collaboration with El Centro, we will send you an impact letter including the total amount raised through our collaboration, and how this money was specifically used to support students.

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